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Бесплатная доставка от 5 000
До бесплатной доставки осталось 3 000
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Shipping and payment



    •  - Free delivery from 5000 rubles via CDEK to the point of issue

    •  - When ordering less than 5000 rubles - automatic calculation

    •  - Minimum order value 600₽

    •  - Delivery time 1-3 weeks depending on the region

    •  - Payment method - advance payment

Delivery is carried out from Maykop, Republic of Adygea.

Delivery is carried out by the Russian Post by sending parcels or by the transport company CDEK.

Express delivery of shopping mall CDEK is possible.

Delivery is made at the official prices of the Russian Post. The price of products is indicated excluding delivery.


Payment by card on the site.

To select payment for goods using a card on the corresponding page of the site, you must click the "Payment   card" button.

Bank cards are accepted for payment:

 - VISA International

 - MasterCard Worldwide

 - МИР

Description of the data transfer process

The process of transferring bank card data.

To make a payment, the program will ask you to provide your bank card details. Data transfer takes place in strict compliance with all security measures. Information is transmitted in encrypted form and is stored only on the server of the payment system.

Payment process

If you choose to pay with a bank card, the payment is made after placing the order.

After you have placed your order, click the "Payment by card" button. The system will transfer you to the authorization server, where you need to enter the card details and initiate its authorization. Then click the "Return to the store" button.

Then the system will notify you of the authorization results. Upon confirmation of authorization, your order will be automatically executed in accordance with the conditions you specified.

When canceling an order

You can cancel your paid order if it has not yet been sent by Russian Post. When canceling an order, you can return the entire amount to the card by writing an e-mail in advance order@vitauct.ru. Refunds are made to the card with which the payment was made earlier.

Order on the site.

  1. 1. Select the items you want by adding them to the "Cart".

  2. 2. At the top of the page, click "Go to cart" by clicking on the appropriate icon.

  3. 3. Indicate the number of packages for each item.

  4. 4. Select a shipping method.

  5. 5. Proceed to checkout by clicking Checkout.

  6. 6. Fill in all the fields and click Submit.

  7. 7. The order number is sent to your e-mail, the system will automatically inform you about the status of the shipment.

For questions regarding ordering, please contact  order@vitauct.ru  or by phone. 8-800-222-05-28 (free).